Reconfiguration of the rear ground floor areas of a listed Victorian terraced house
  • external view of Rivendell, Stonehaven an A-listed property
  • luxurious new kitchen
  • new kitchen area
  • kitchen and dining area from a different angle
  • reinstated window in kitchen to attract light
  • cooking island with seating area
  • kitchen sink, appliances and storage
  • kitchen sink, appliances and storage
  • sink and storage area close up
  • open storage space above sink area
Rivendell, Stonehaven (completed 2015)

This project involved substantial alterations and re-fitting of the kitchen / dining space within a 17th century A-listed property.

The existing kitchen space was dark and had little relationship with the outside. A key aspect of the new design was to re-instate a former window opening in the deep stone facade, both to increase daylight and create a "window wall" with the other openings within which to perch and peer out to the surrounding townscape. The new kitchen is orientated accordingly, comprising a substantial cooking island with seating and a linear back wall incorporating the sink area, various appliances and other storage. The palette of materials and colours is intentionally limited and light to evoke simplicity and a beach-side feel. A combination of different lighting arrangements allows the space to take on a more intimate atmosphere at night.

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